In November of 1993, as Aquatic Program Director at The University of Miami, I decided to create an aquatic sports camp that would generate interest from the community. In Miami, we had a beautiful outdoor facility in a tropical setting with a 50-meter pool, multiple diving boards, a trampoline, soccer fields, multipurpose rooms, locker rooms and an on-campus food court. My ability to properly market the program generated a lot of interest from the community. By that summer, we had 80-100 campers per week for our 8 week summer camp.

In the summer of 2004, I brought this camp to the Washington, D.C. area. This area is renowned for it's great aquatic facilities, featuring the largest swimming and diving club programs in the country. We currently have nine aquatic facilities in the Washington, D.C. area where we operate these Aqua Sports Camps. The Aqua Sports Camp incorporates swimming, diving, trampoline, free swim and other activities into a unique camp experience. This fun, safe camp will not only provide a tremendous aquatic experience for these children , but also gives them self esteem and confidence.

Mike Tober

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